Foodventure in a Hurry

thrilled to make it to @QualitySeafood for their September long lobsterfest! Oh, and sharing a platter of fresh oysters + a pecan-infused brown ale. (at Quality Seafood Redondo Beach)

fun dinner @LAssietteLA w @theduodishes & @js2comm; of course, #steakfrites is the star (esp w the black truffle sauce) but the other dishes (sorrel soup, French-oriented cheese plate, amaretto cake) are solid too. (at L’Assiette Steak Frites)

a new #DrChocolate for the next few days: @vosgeshautchocolat’s SuperDark bar w parmesan & peppercorn; loved the combo of flavors!

more deliciousness from @starchefs: assorted meats @lindygrundy (incl jamon royale & “pork butter”), @bestiadtla’s chicken gizzards w beets & endives, freshly shaved #JamonIberico, Providence’s sunchokey dessert & Patina’s “dragon breath” #liquidnitrogen’d cotton candy. (at Cathedral Chapel of St. Vibiana)

delicious seafoody firsy bites @starchefs rising stars gala @vibianaevents: @HandtheH’s BBQ’d oysters, n/naka’s scallop w uni & strawberry & @Mvoltaggio Ink’s Kelp pasta w octopus. (at Cathedral of Saint Vibiana)

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