Foodventure in a Hurry

finally checked out @NewportSeafood, and I’ll concede to its pungent deliciousness. (at Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant)

Finally checked out SQIRL. Loved my simple yet elegant brunch of pesto’d rice w poached egg, feta & watermelon radish, followed by a warm strawberry-brown butter blondie. Coffee is solid too.

It may be open 24/7, but Fred62 goes way beyond standard diner fare; loved our dinner of vermcelli w veg in lemongrass broth (noo deli), spiced salmon w cheesy grits & mustard greens (Sanford & Sons), tofu tagine w couscous & chickpea fritters (Lisa Simpson) and of course, their famous Bossa Nova waffle sundae. (at Fred 62)

Dinner @handtheh w @conbon & @gourmetpigs; dishes lean on heavy side but there are some highlights (chopped steak w marrow, crispy chicke skin cracklins, shrimp & grits) but noise levels are off the charts; maybe my first restaurant veto solely on a non-food factor! (at The Hart And The Hunter)

fave bites @ preview of beer-paired dinner @ Chloe’s @goldenroadpub (at Golden Road Brewing)

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